History of Dacha

2004 - 2009

Dacha Real Estate was founded by Angelika Sheglova in 2004, during the time when the property market of Dubai is starting to progress, and mainly focused on investors and speculators. With a team of 20 agents, the company opened its Jumeirah Beach Road office by 2007. Alessia Sheglova was appointed as Managing Director in 2009 inanswer to the evolved market which was a result of the world economic crisis, and has helped the company with overcoming struggles of the recession.

2010 - 2012

The end-user market became the focus of Dacha. Leasing and property management was introduced along with fresh new property consultants. The company has seen its 200th property management deal a year after the service was offered. As the company growth hits 100%, Dacha started gearing towards expanding the number of agents.

2013 - Present

In order to accommodate for the growing team, Dacha moved to a new office in the prestigious Marina Plaza. With the addition of more agents, senior managers, and support staff, the company continues to see steady growth—surpassing targets year-on-year.

Along with the fast-paced development of Dubai, Dacha has proven to be versatile and widened its coverage by accommodating new areas. Agents never stop learning and participate in in-house training that not only improve their real estate knowledge, but also sharpens their skills needed to become better realtors.

Future plans include further team growth to be able to cover more areas by expanding operations into new offices throughout Dubai. We, at Dacha, are all excited for what is to come.

2004 - 2009